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Apple Service Center BD believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success. We understand that your devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or Laptops are essential to nearly every aspect of your life. You rely on these tools to work and play. So, we focus on enhancing and sustaining your increasingly important connected lifestyle.

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  • Repair of any complexity
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Rest assured that your device is in capable hands
with our highly qualified repair technicians.

Discovering a reliable and skilled technician for Apple devices in Bangladesh can be challenging. Many individuals have fallen victim to fraudulent technicians, leaving them frustrated and searching for a solution. The advent of 'Apple Service Center BD' brought a sense of comfort and peace of mind to our clients who have shared their positive experiences with us.

What We Do

Needing a device repair can be stressful but you can trust us to handle your repair carefully and safely. Our tech professionals will keep you updated every step of the way so you always know what’s happening with your repair. No matter what the issue, call us anytime to repair anything..


Our Vision

To be the worldwide leader in providing essential products and services to enhance and sustain the mobile lifestyle.